Why do purebred cats cost more than a Heinz 57 rescue ?

I hope I can give you a little insight on this. Really if you give it some thought purebred  cats run about the same as purebred dogs. Most people looking for a cat don’t think about the cost involved in  raising cats or a litter of puppies.

I bet you didn’t know hobby breeders are required to do more things than the rescue groups in order to sell a pet. Some states require hobby breeders to supply a vet issued health certificate with each pet sold.  Health certificate prices vary from vet to vet. The certificates expire too! They are costly too. We breeder have to pay for an additional wellness for the certificate, a fecal exam, a de-worming, vaccines that must be administered by the vet, a felv blood test before a vet will write the health certificate. If for some reason the pet parent changes their mind that breeder is at a loss for that money spent, and needs to spend it again for the next health certificate.  

The Bengal & Savannah cats cost can be higher than other cat breeds. They being a cross between the wild cat and domestic cat can be a bit more challenging and costly to achieve litters. Not to mention some litters are smaller. Some only have one or two kittens. Rescue groups and shelters do not have this expense. 

Included in Prices:


Deposits are non-refundable

Attention Florida Clients we need to collect an addtional 7% Florida Sales tax


At this time I am producing large rosette kittens.

Large rosettes: $2,075 and up – depending  pattern quality, color  & age

Cashmere Bengals

Rare long haired Bengal cat


From $2,075  – depending on color, pattern quality & age





 Spotted & Marble: $2,075.00 and up – depending on generation, color, pattern quality & age

We breed for F3, F4 and F5.     

Colors: Brown, Blue, Melanistic & Snows.

Adult Cats

Adults & Retired Adults: email for prices

Bengals, Cashmere Bengals & Savannahs — depending on color & pattern quality.               

This is a good way to get a great looking Bengal or Savannah cat at a discounted price.

Bengal & Savannah cats improve in their appearance as they age we sometimes hold back a kitty to see what it will look like as an adult, then we make them available. 

We occasionally offer our retired breeders to FOREVER homes too. All are spayed/neutered before placing, this is included in the prices too!

Breeding Cats

Breeding Quality: Not offering breeders at this time.

***All deposit information is on the payments page. 

As of 2013 hobby breeders can no longer ship pets. All pets are placed face to face. We gladly meet our clients for a reasonable transport fee some place in the middle.  

Ask for more information.

We’ve stopped inviting strangers into our home.
Click & READ:  Breeder Lori Heimer killed by man viewing  puppies! 

Thank you for understanding!