Available Adults

Bengal & Savannah cats improve in their appearance as they age, sometimes I hold back a kitty to see what it will look like as an adult, then I make them available if I don’t want to use them in my program. This can be a way to get a Bengal or Savannah at a lower price. 


          Bengal & Savannah cats improve in their appearance as they age we sometimes hold back a kitty to see what it will look like as an adult, then we make them available. 

This is a good way to get a great looking Bengal or Savannah cat at a discounted price.

We occasionally offer our retired breeders to FOREVER homes too. All are spayed/neutered before placing, this is included in the prices too!

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Adult Bengals


 LEANWHAT I LIKE ABOUT BEN:  Ben is a seal mink rosette boy. He has a nice long body and is a gorgeous looking boy. He has light green eyes. 


WHAT I LIKE ABOUT AGGIE:  I LOVE her coat and pattern. She is so beautiful. I held Aggie back hoping to have some of her kittens. That never happened so I spayed her to offer her as a drop dead gorgeous cat to a forever home. 


WHAT I LIKE ABOUT CINDY:  Cindy is a medium size Bengal girl with nice rosettes & spots. She’s a friendly girl too!


WHAT I LIKE ABOUT INKA:  Inka is a beauty. She is large for a girl, she has a beautiful coat, she likes to hang out on my desk when I am computing. 🙂


WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IZZY:  Izzy is a red toned beauty. She was a shy girl but she is coming out of her shell. She’s a purr machine.  

Savannah Adults

Young Savannah Adult Available


WHAT I LIKE ABOUT SPOTTY: She has an amazing purrsonality. Very ok with being picked up, loves humans. She has a sweet look about her, nice spotted pattern, nice face. She is a good all around girl!

Retirees Available

As of 2013 hobby breeders can no longer ship pets. All pets are placed face to face. We gladly meet our clients for a reasonable transport fee some place in the middle.  

Ask for more information.

We’ve stopped inviting strangers into our home.
Click & READ:  Breeder Lori Heimer killed by man viewing  puppies! 

Thank you for understanding!