A Bengal cat is a cross between a domestic cat and Asian Leopard Cat. Jean Mill is the creator of this wonderful breed of cats. They have come a long way in the past 20+ years. They have been in competition in the shows for a several years now.

There are many colors and patterns too. Colors range from brown (about 50 shades of brown) to several snow colors. There are still a few (not many) small spotted Bengals out there but now you find most rosette Bengal patterns in both large and small rosettes. Bengals also come in Marble patterns too. Standard open Marble and Sheeted also known as fuller Marble pattern.

Bengal kittens change a lot over their kitten-hood, and can improve in appearance up till a year old. Some brown Bengal kittens are shades of gray when they are born. They warm up starting around 6 weeks and can continue to warm up for months. 

Bengals have a spotted belly, some even have rosette bellies. Their eyes look like they have eye liner around them. Some Bengal cats have chin straps and necklaces too. This is a stripe pattern that falls right under the chin and on the chest.  

Marble Bengals

Brown Black & Silver

Brown Black


Seal Lynx Point

Sheeted Marble Bengals

Brown Black, Silver & Seal Mink

Brown Black

Seal Mink


Rosette Bengals

Brown, Blue, Seal Lynx Point, Charcoal Seal Mink, Seal Mink

Brown - (50 Shades of Brown)



Seal Lynx Point

Charcoal Seal Mink

Seal Mink


Sparble Bengals


So many people ask about the size of the Bengal cats. Bengal cats are longer torso cats than the average domestic cat. They can be taller than the average domestic cats. But they for the most part are not huge. They are muscular and somewhat lean. Most do not look their weight. So please look into getting a Bengal for what it has to offer, beauty, smarts & activity level.

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