About Us

So how did this all begin?

A little bit about how this all came about. My husband and I are animal lovers. I love, love, love cats, I love other animals too, but I really love cats and the ease of owning them. My husband found an ad in the local paper for a Bengal cat (back in the day when paper newspapers were main source of information). He called on the ad, we had several dogs at the time which I had concerns about adding a new kitty to our dog and cat family. The lady on the phone said not to worry these cats will straighten out those dogs in no time. That got my curiosity flowing. Life got in the way and we did not pursue getting a Bengal at that time.

Years later when our pet family had gotten smaller due to old age of them. We decided to check into Bengal cats once again. By this time the internet was just starting, so we had more information available. I found a Bengal female looking for a home, she had not been spayed yet, so I asked about breeding rights. I did more studying and decided to buy this girl. She was a beautiful Marble girl with a personality of “don’t do it dogs”. This made me think of that lady my husband talked with years before. 

I bred this girl and worked a lot with her babies to try to make them more domestic than their mom. Which worked. I then knew I needed to learn a lot on health and medical issues for breeding… I was so afraid I could not be good at something I had little knowledge about. So reading I did! Note taking I did! Every time I went to the vet office and the vet would come in with their thick medical books I found myself taking photos of the covers of each book. After buying a lot of the same (Expensive) books the vets had  I became a book research worm… lol A good highlighter too! 

I bought breeders I was able to afford, while saving up for better stock of cats when I needed to retire those. My program has been through a lot of changes over time, now I breed super nice looking cats. (I think!) I love what I do, I love watching babies become kittens & cats, I love the stories clients share with me. I love that my cats make so many people happy.  I only place altered pets in FOREVER homes.

If you would like to see what clients have to say about their forever PoolsideCats head on over to the testimonial page. Sit back and enjoy!

Something else you should know about me. I take breeding very seriously.I am their for my FOREVER pet parent clients, I am not a breeder who sells you a cat and you never hear from again. I check in often during the bonding period. I am just a email away if needed. 

I believe each cat has a value. I feel if a pet buyer is buying a good quality purebred pet it comes at a cost. Just like dogs. We live in a throw away world and it seems more and more the less we pay for things the less we value them. We are so easy to toss aside and move on. This should NEVER be a trend with our beloved pets. We should value them just as much as any family member. 

If I feel the new pet parent is buying this kitty just because its a cat breed everyone else has or wants, chances are the deal is off. I only seek serious FOREVER pet parents for my cats. I don't want to hear my new boyfriend hates my cat, the cat has to go. Shame on you! Nuff said!

As of 2013 hobby breeders can no longer ship pets. All pets are placed face to face. We gladly meet our clients for a reasonable transport fee some place in the middle.  

Ask for more information.

We’ve stopped inviting strangers into our home.
Click & READ:  Breeder Lori Heimer killed by man viewing  puppies! 

Thank you for understanding!