Hey Lori,

We just wanted to thank you for our little tough guy, Sabu.

As you know, I had worked with Florida Bengal Rescue, and was fostering three Bengals. The old joke is true: What do you call someone fostering a pet? and the answer is, “A pet owner.”

If you recall, we had lost Diva to lymphoma. I have a good friend who had purchased two kittens from you, and I had always been impressed with the quality of those cats. Contacting you seemed to be the absolute right thing to do. And are we glad we did.

Your cattery is wonderful, and the cats are healthy and happy. And although Sabu was a bit more expensive than our last three Bengals (they were free), he was also socialized and wonderfully friendly. The foster cats were feral (and you just haven’t lived until you live with a feral Bengal). Their medical history was unknown. One of them hid inside the box spring of our bed for 3 months before she would venture out when we were at home or awake.

What a contrast to your kittens! Wow! They are all friendly, curious, and have personalities as big as all outdoors. And the selection is unbelievable. We went to see you, having chosen three “Finalists” from their photos and descriptions. We left with a kitten we hadn’t even considered, and he is the best cat that has ever owned us. Whether he is playing fetch, walking on the top edge of the bedroom door, venturing into the shower with us, or sleeping on our laps, he is simply amazing.

If anyone is concerned about the price of one of your kitten, they shouldn’t be. You will spend WAY more than the initial price on food and vet expenses over the life of the cat. We spend TWICE what Sabu cost in 24 hours at the vet, trying to save Diva. In the end, the absolute BEST insurance is to get a quality cat that has been vetted properly since it was in utero, socialized with a loving human as well as other cats, spayed or neutered, and given permanent shots before leaving your cattery. When someone does that, they can begin to enjoy their new baby IMMEDIATELY. There is no “Breaking In” period, no socialization, no taming, no litter box training. They are truly ready to rock your world from day one.

Thank you very much. We will be back. Like the potato chip, you can’t have just one.

With gratitude,

Karen and Gary