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Posted by PoolsideCats

Raw Diet for our cats and why

So many ask why we feed raw diet to our cats. I fought the raw diet for a long time. But… after buying a early generation Savannah breeder who came to me after being fed a horrible diet of kibble and cheap wet food which gave her a urinary tract infection which I just could not cure. No meds, no special Urinary diet suggest by my vet would help, after 11 months of weekly urine tests with results being 1 week UTI, next week crystals, one week a little bit better but not cured, I had had enough. I talked with several breeders asking about their food and almost everyone I spoke with fed a raw diet. This got me on the research wagon and found out so much on why commercial food is horrible for our pets. 

We have been programed  to easy is best for our pets. Kibble is king, when it really is cat crack. Kibble is only 8-10% moisture. Can/wet food and raw is 80% moisture. Cats will NEVER drink enough water to combat the kibble they are taking into their bodies. This is hard on the kidneys. My Savannah girl had gone the can/wet food gamut with no good results even prescription urinary foods. 

I decided I was going to stop the meds, off the vet recommended foods and go for the raw diet…I was all in, I figured I had nothing to loose and maybe something to win. Talked it over with my vet who didn’t know much about feeding a raw diet. (I’ve sense learned many vets don’t know about the advantages of raw over store bought kibble and canned.) She was on board as she knew I had done everything humanly possible to cure my breeder girl. 

So raw diet it was. I bought a grinder, ground up a chicken diet, she gobbled it down. I showed up as usual to the vet for a urinary test. CLEAR. The first clear I had ever had with this cat. Following week, clear again, and so on. 

After that, I fed the birds the kibble cat food, and all our cats were moving over to the raw diet. Been on raw ever sense. I grind, package up in Ziploc freezer bags and put in the freezer, thaw, feed… Sure it’s work, but so is taking your pet to the vet all the time for urinary infections.  Now I see the vet less often, I cannot tell you how happy that makes me…and my healthier cats are happy too!

I found on youtube, Dr. Karen Becker, she wrote a book “real food for healthy pets” It is all about the advantages of a ancestral diet. No one cooks for the feral cats or the wild cats do they? They eat raw diet for the most part if not all raw!

I do not require my clients to feed their cats raw, but be warned of the problems that CAN come with commercial foods. It’s all good until it isn’t any more.

I have lost many cats over the years to kidney disease. I never knew it could have been the food I was feeding them. The commercials told me it was good for my cats. I believe it too.


Cat Urinary Tract Diseases:

Cystitis, Urethral Obstruction, Urinary Tract Infection By, Lisa A. Pierson, DVM Cat Urinary Tract Diseases: Cystitis, Urethral Obstruction, Urinary Tract Infection Important points: Any cat that is having trouble urinating may have an obstructed urethra which is a medical emergency. “Water” is the most important word when considering urinary tract health. Feeding a water-rich diet

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The USDA Forced Kittens to Become Cannibals for Research, Watchdog Report Says

Link to this article: http://time.com/5555118/kitten-cannibalism-usda/ BY JAMIE DUCHARME UPDATED: APRIL 2, 2019 11:03 AM ET | ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: MARCH 20, 2019Updated, April 2: The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) announced Tuesday that it will refocus its toxoplasmosis research, and that “the use of cats as part of any research protocol in any ARS laboratory has

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We no longer invite strangers in to our home…this is why!

For over two months, Lori Heimer’s tight-knit family has struggled to understand why anybody would want to target the loving mother of four daughters. Lori, 57, was murdered in her home in southeast Assaria, Kansas on Saturday, June 25th. She was found by family members — who immediately called 911. June is harvest season in

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Bringing your PoolsideCat home

Bonding – SO IMPORTANT – Bonding You only get one 1st time bonding with your new kitty! The more you put in the more you will get out!     I get questions from time to time asking why I feel setting a kitty cat up in a safe room is so important.   Kitties from

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Cat Toys & Condos

Cat Toys: Cat toys that are a hit with our Bengals & Savannahs are mice with plastic bodies, wrapped mice, cat nip toys, ping pong balls, teaser toys on a pole, and water balls. (dollar tree – water toys for kids) NO you do not wet the water balls. The cats like the water balls

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Litter Boxes – Litter – good human habits for our cats

Litter boxes plain and simple! Everyone hates to talk about the litter boxes for our cats. I don’t know why… if you do a good job keeping your cats litter box(es) clean everything is good. The problem most times is the human – not the cat. Some people don’t clean their cat boxes as often

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As of 2013 hobby breeders can no longer ship pets. All pets are placed face to face. We gladly meet our clients for a reasonable transport fee some place in the middle.  

Ask for more information.

We’ve stopped inviting strangers into our home.
Click & READ:  Breeder Lori Heimer killed by man viewing  puppies! 

Thank you for understanding!