Thank you for our amazing baby girl Mandi.  She is the most beautiful, playful, smart and sweet baby.  She is far more than I expected.  She is the wonderful cat she is because of you. I know that because since we brought her home you and I have shared phone calls and emails every day. You have given me advice and help not only with Mandi but for all my animals.  You have been available to me anytime and have taken so much of your time to ensure everything has gone perfectly for our new addition. There is no way we could thank you enough. When my husband asked how much I paid for her I expected his normal reaction to everything I buy but his response was that she was worth every penny.. and she is. Thank you for our baby:)  we love being a part of the poolside family and I have a feeling we will end up with a few more of your babies:)
With Love,
Sara, Mandi and family:)