Everything wonderful that has been written regarding Lori, her kitties and Poolside Bengals is absolutely true however there is so much more!
My partner and I had been researching bengal kitties and even had visited and spoken with some other breeders.  We thought we had learned everything we should know (from learning about the breeder’s backgrounds, the breeding process and the Mommy and Daddys, the health screening/ testing, through the breeding process and the kittens/ their care and finally when they are able to be released to their new forever family).   We had even chosen a breeder and chose a kitten.   Then my partner saw Lori’s website.  She said she wanted to call just to make sure we had made the correct choice.  Wow!!!  Right from the start Lori was so knowledgeable and honest.  We threw all kinds of questions at her and all of her answers were more than helpful.  She told us, in full detail,  what kind of LOVE,  care and health screening ALL of her kitties receive.  We were simply amazed.  NONE of the other breeders even knew of some of the specialized screenings Lori and her vet provides (We know this because we called those breeders back and asked them). All of that aside, after speaking with Lori for just a small amount of time, we KNEW she just loves, loves, loves all of her kitties.   When she says she spends quality time with all of her kitties , believe it!  Our little Leo is the most loving and silly baby we could have ever wanted.  Leo came home to 2 ‘brothers’ (a Tabby and a Russian Blue) and Lori gave us such great advice on the best way to integrate the new baby into his new family.  Leo is so very smart, loving,  inquisitive,  playful, larger than life personality and is the most stunningly beautiful kitty we have ever seen.  He is so soft. .. softer than any animal I have ever felt.  He adjusted to his new family and home easily and rather quickly.  He entertains us constantly and is becoming our ‘velcro baby’.  Lori is always there for us whenever we have questions or just want to share our pics of our babies with her.   Simply put… Lori and her kitties are exceptionally wonderful!!
Polly and Nikki