I can’t thank Lori enough for helping me find my sweet boy, Irving. He is truly one of the sweetest cats I have ever met.

Before I contacted Lori, I read all of the testimonials and knew that she was the right person to come to. She is so involved with making sure that her cats are going to their forever homes, which I think sets a great example for other breeders to follow. I learned so much about the breed from emailing back-and-forth, as well as the helpful articles she has posted on her site.
Lori is very honest and will not sell a cat unless she knows it’s going to the right home. I initially contacted her about adopting one of her seal mink adults, which she quickly advised against when I mentioned that my dad has allergies (I am in college, but come home for the summer months). She was very detailed and taught me about how the snow breeds have Siamese, which can still cause allergies. Therefore she doesn’t guarantee that any of her cats carrying the snow gene are hypoallergenic. I am so thankful that she was honest about the allergy concern and didn’t sell me the seal mink—although I’m sure he’s lovely! It scares me to think that someone else might have sold me a snow regardless.

Lori and I continued talking and found the cat that was best suited for my dad’s allergies and myself. On April 30th, I brought Irving home! He is breathtakingly beautiful and has the sweetest personality to match. I can’t thank Lori enough for everything she has done. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to buy one of these amazing cats!

Thanks, Kate  ( first time PoolsideCat Pet Parent! )




Today is Irving’s birthday and I wanted to send you a birthday update!!! ❤️
He has completely warmed up to the house and follows me everywhere I go. He loves his snuggle time and has become friends with the dogs. His new favorite thing is chasing lizards and watching birds from our caged in pool deck! He sleeps with me every night at the foot of my bed and is a total sweetheart. He lets me trim his nails without a problem (I think because he knows he gets extra pets)! Today he weighed 14.2 pounds!!! He’s a very big boy, but still athletic as ever and sure can run!
I love this boy so much Lori!
Thank you for everything