I Love all my PoolsideCats

WOW!  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I got my first two ‘PoolsideBengal’.  I now have ‘five’.  Like Lori would say, (Poolside Bengal breeder/friend) you just can’t have one.  How true that is. Lol

After five years of being in the Bengal world of breeders and cat shows I have come to find that I picked the best Bengal breeder you could find ‘Poolside Bengals’ now PoolsideCats.  Lori breeds not only for beauty but for personality in a very big way.  I have never in my life owned cats with such great quality.  After you purchase a kitty from Lori the value of that kitty goes from what you paid to priceless. Take it from me this is sooo true.

On a daily bases they amaze me with there intelligence  and of cause make me laugh with their fun loving ways.

Have questions??? I urge you to go to PoolsideCats.com to have all your questions answered and much much more.

*Remember when purchasing a Bengal it’s sometimes better to get an older kitten.  I had the experience of doing both.  Found that it’s a whole lot better not only for the kitten but for you. One of many reasons why when you visit “PoolsideCats.com”

I had once seen a t-shirt saying..’If it’s not a Bengal it’s just an ordinary house cat.’  I could’ve said it better.

Fran -(Multi PoolsideCat owner)