General Grievous

We cannot express our joy and love for our baby boy and we are so thankful for all that you did to get him ready for us. We were amazed with his knowledge of litter box use as a kitten and his ability to play fetch. He learned quick to respond to his name and our voices. General Grievous is my first cat and Donovan’s first pet…ever.

Donovan  was surprised with the vast amount of love he has for Grievous – never thinking he would have such a strong emotional attachment to a cat. I was just in awe of the difference between animals and was so happy to have a cat (not just any cat but this special breed raised so wonderfully by you) as a pet. Obviously neither of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into. Being newlyweds we were in a place to start our new lives together and bringing our new Bengal baby home a couple months after our wedding was such a wonderful way to start our new adventure. From the moment he came home with us there was an instant connection and we really feel like a little family. Our Bengal really does have his own distinct personality. He is filled with spunk and is very loving. He vocally lets us know what he likes and doesn’t like and is so playful and active. HE REALLY IS LIKE OUR KID. I have even grown to recognize his different meows and what he wants. Both Donovan and I have little humans in our families and he has done so well around children and new people. He has traveled very well with us which I was nervous about, but he has such a great personality I wasn’t surprised he was very adaptive. Everyone who has met General Grievous cannot stop commenting on his beautiful coat and his fantastic personality. We get compliments about his litter box use, lack of odor (which I need to specifically point out – we LOVE that he has a raw diet. Not only for the lack of odor but for his overall health. We admire you for making the decision, even if it’s hard work, to take such great care of all your litters and parent cats) his outstanding athleticism and how well mannered he is. My family has always been skeptical of cats and not very fond of them.. but they ALL have absolutely fallen in love with our baby…
So in short, we are SO happy with our first cat and are glad we made the decision to go with one of your Poolside Bengals!!!
Thank you, Lori!
Jordan & Donovan