Hi Lori,

In the fall of 2015 my boyfriend and I adopted Dexter from Lori, a mink kitten. I had such a bad experience with another breeder in Florida (Bellarista Bengals) that I unfortunately lost my kitten while she was getting neutered. I found Lori her website and we spoke on the phone for so long about the importance of quality breeding and the healthcare of Bengals. All her knowledge comforted me so much, and also it convinced me that now, and ever in my life, I will only adopt a kitten from her, so I know they are healthy and socialized. When I adopted Dexter she provided me with an amazing care package and as well her raw food for my new kitten. Once home I placed Dexter in a room so he could get comfortable and feel safe. He started calling me and once I got to him he climbed on my lap like a baby. After eating some of Lori’s food he went exploring the house and within an hour he was sleeping with my boyfriend super comfortable on the couch while he was watching football. Dexter was so socialized that he didn’t needed time to feel at home. He was acting like he lived there longer than us:) Dexter is a very large cat. He is so sweet and human. Also he is very attached to me and in the house he goes where I go. We moved to another apartment in Miami with two floors and he loves to run up and down the stairs. Also he enjoys his catwheel and trees very much. Every night we watch tv together and sleep together. In the morning when I shower he always wants to play with the water and he keeps talking to me. I just cant even explain in words how much I love him. My love for him is so strong that I see him as my child. I would do anything for him. He is my everything. I moved from The Netherlands to the USA and I felt homesick quite often. My boyfriend got me Dexter and I haven’t felt homesick since then. Dexter turned my house into a home. I am very thankful to Lori for educating me about breeders, care, and also for selling me Dexter.

Thank you with all my heart!