Bella Mia & Georgie

If you are looking for an intelligent, fun loving cat who can be taught how to fetch and do other dog like tricks, then the Bengal Cat is what you want.  They also like water and they may even swim for you.

I can’t say enough about the Bengals.  I usually favor long hair cats, but my husband always wanted a Bengal so I gave in.  Now, I wish I’d given in sooner.

We could not have picked a better kind of cat to have fun with and who makes us laugh on a daily basis.  They are the sweetest and the most devilish kitties we ever had.  (And we had our share.)  Their coats are unbelievably soft.  (Like velvet.)  And their colors are so beautiful.  Photos of the cats do not give them justice.  You have to see one in person.

Lori of “Poolside Cats” is by far the best breeder I ever encountered.  What she puts into her cats doesn’t compare to what other breeders do.  She goes more than the extra mile for her brew.  When I bought my two from her, not only did I walk away with two healthy cats, I gained a friend and my very own “cat whisper” who is on call 24 – 7.  Her knowledge of cats compares just short of a Vet.  The only difference is Lori doesn’t have a Doctor’s Degree.  She is always there for me and is very patient with her answers.

So if you are looking for Bengals, “Poolside Cats” is definitely the place to go.  You get more than your money’s worth.  You get a heart full of love from your new companion and a friend (Lori) you can share your kitty stories with.

Most important, if you don’t have the energy that a Bengal requires on a daily basis, then get two to keep each other amused.  I know I did and I’m NOT sorry I did.

Fran & Tom (Multi PoolsideCat owner)